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Travelex is a comprehensive travel insurance company that provides online travel insurance services and plans.Travelex Insurance Services

Hurley Travel Experts recommends Travelex for business and vacation travel insurance as a top travel insurance provider. For more information about their wide array of products and services, to obtain a quote and purchase a policy visit our Travelex site.

Have you thought about what would happen to yourself or your trip investment if

  • You or a family member become ill and you can no longer travel?
  • You have a medical emergency in a foreign country?
  • Your home or destination becomes uninhabitable due to a hurricane, fire or flood?
  • You miss a connection because of a flight delay?
  • Your wallet, laptop, credit cards or passport are stolen?

Medjet is a worldwide medical evacuation and repatriation membership program operating 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, on an annual membership basis.

MedjetAssist: Safe Travel Defined

As a MedjetAssist member, if you are hospitalized while traveling more than 150 miles from home, Medjet will arrange medical transportation to the hospital of your choice.   On average, domestic air medical evacuation can cost upwards of $20,000 and internationally it can exceed $120,000, but not if you are a Medjet member.  Short Term and Annual memberships available.  Click here to enroll today.

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