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Hurley Travel Experts posts relevant industry white papers providing research into business travel solutions and ways to help facilitate managing a company’s business travel program.

The Next Generation of Business Travel

Concur Technologies commissioned PhoCusWright Inc. to prepare a white paper on the key trends impacting the corporate travel marketplace. This white paper identifies and analyzes a collection of four trends that are changing the corporate travel management marketplace: mobile travel technology, ancillary fees and products, direct technology connection with travel vendors as opposed to Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and integration of expense management. Read the full white paper by PhoCusWright.

Mobile App Index for the Business Traveler

BCD Travel has created a Mobile App Index for the Business Traveler, including mobile travel apps to help with organizing your travel, concierge apps, lifestyle apps to keep you entertained while on the road, and locater apps to help you figure out where to eat, find the nearest ATM and more.  View the full list of Business Travel Apps

2012 Industry Forecast from Advito

The 2012 Industry Forecast from Advito provides an overview of travel category-specific trends for 2012, including expected spend and expense for air, rail, car and hotel as well as meetings. The general travel outlook assumes a rise in business travel demand dependent on overall GDP growth. Travel Buyers and Managers will find recommendations based on best industry practice. Download Advito’s 2012 Industry Forecast.

Leading the Way: Corporate Travel Management Goes Next-Gen

Do you ever wonder how to increase travel policy adoption in your workplace without a lot of pushback or pain? The Business Travel Media Group offers advice on adoption strategy, including several case studies of companies who have employed creative strategies to increase travel policy adoption without a lot of stress, such as Coca-Cola, Salesforce, and U.S. Foodservice. Read Leading the Way: Corporate Travel Management Goes Next-Gen to find out more about increasing travel policy adoption in the workplace.

What Gets Measured Gets Managed: Travel Policy Insights

Having an online travel booking tool with an integrated travel policy is the ideal way to ensure travelers are aware of key policy issues and have guidelines readily at hand when they make a purchasing decision. The most successful travel policies include more than just policy guidelines. They are filled with tips and information that are helpful to the traveler. Read our travel policy suggestions!

The Truth About Finding the Lowest Airfare

Your employees spend a lot of time online and sometimes they think they've found a lower fare than the one that your travel department or TMC (Travel Management Company) has quoted. And when they tell you this, you begin to question whether you are, in fact, getting “the best fares.” By comparison, have they ever told you how many times they've searched and searched and the airfare was the same, or higher than what they got through your company’s travel department, TMC, or online booking tool? Probably not. Read The Truth about Finding the Lowest Airfare!

Changing the DNA of Managed Travel through Social Media and Mobile Travel Apps

Thanks to the growth of smart phones and social Web, today’s workforce has developed new habits and expectations around interactive information sharing, mobility, interoperability, usercentered design and collaboration. These expectations are changing the way they see, and move through, the landscape of managed travel. Read More...

From Numbers to Action: Improving Travel Program Management through Strategic KPIs

Advito recommendations for improving business travel management programs through strategic KPIs and meaningful savings measurements.  Read More...

One size fits all? Consolidating your travel program. 2009 BCD Travel

This whitepaper addresses what consolidation means, the benefits of consolidation including industry average percentage of savings and how to implement a program.
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Travel and Procurement: The Convergence. 2007 Aberdeen Group a Harte-Hanks Company

This research study explores the strategies and performance capabilities of companies including how they purchase, contract, monitor, and manage Travel and Entertainment as a whole.
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Expense Management Automation: Process Efficiency, Greater Visibility. 2007 Aberdeen Group

This research study explores the intricacies of Travel and Entertainment expense management from a manual to an automated process.
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