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Hurley Travel Experts has developed a one of a kind approach to our Global Travel Management Services, combining innovative travel technology with the personal touch of our highly trained corporate travel agents, available 24-hours a day. See how Hurley Travel Experts' Global Travel Management program can help your business decrease travel spend by 30% while increasing employee satisfaction and corporate travel service.

The 4 C's of Global Travel Management:

  1. Convenience: Having a dedicated travel management company means fast and efficient travel planning. We manage flight cancellations and other travel uncertainties so you can get where you need to be without worry or excessive travel delays. Our 24-hour emergency service guarantees you will never travel alone. Our VIP executive services, flexible travel budget solutions and innovative use of technology with a human touch make business travel simple.
  2. Content: Hurley Travel Experts' innovative travel technology provides instant access to all pricing options for flight, hotel, and car reservations for one stop shopping. Our corporate travel agents utilize multiple travel technology platforms to search all travel pricing for lowest rates and best availability, providing the service you need at the price you want for instant benefit and savings.
  3. Control: Hurley Travel Experts' advanced reporting system allows us to benchmark travel spend and recommend best practice travel policy to create Return On Investment. Our flexible pricing structure and service options allow for easy change of travel plans, purchasing consolidation, recovery of unused tickets, frequent flyer benefits and hard and soft dollar savings. Our individualized attention to each employee means you have control of your travel preferences, including business class flights and hotel choice.
  4. Care: A dedicated business travel advisor is an insurance policy for when travel does not go as planned. We provide travel upgrades and perks when available, a personalized travel profile, and proactively monitor travel arrangements, including flight and hotel reservations, to ensure problems are solved before travel begins.

3 Phase Approach to Global Travel Management:

Phase 1: Travel Consolidation & Benchmarking

  • Utilize innovative travel technology to capture critical travel data
  • Provide insight into travel spend
  • Reduce spend at point of sale
  • Leverage booking volume for supplier negotiations and value added amenities
  • Benchmark for insight and savings

Phase 2: Source Travel Spend and Consolidated Data

  • Benchmark internally and externally for best practices
  • Analyze data to create corporate travel policy
  • Negotiate lower rates with preferred travel suppliers
  • Review training needs
  • Establish on-going metrics and reporting

Phase 3: Analyze Growth and Corporate Travel Needs

  • Create cost savings of up to 30% without sacrificing traveler satisfaction
  • Monitor and manage information to identify further savings opportunities with suppliers
  • Present positive ROI from Phase 2 and quarterly ROI
  • Create yearly strategic travel plan
  • Ensure travel policy compliance
  • Conduct employee surveys
  • Manage market share

8 Step Cost Savings Protocol:

Hurley Travel Experts' unique 8-step cost savings protocol supports our pricing guarantee. Our corporate travel agents find the best flight schedules, search for low-priced alternative airlines and times within a 4-hour window, look for lower fares and communicate our findings to you as our corporate travel client. Selected flights are consistently monitored by our online quality control travel technology. By combining the best travel technologies with the live care of a dedicated corporate travel agent, every business trip you take combines your personal travel preferences at the best price possible.

Pricing Guarantee: Based on a consolidated managed travel program with moderate controls, Hurley Travel Experts guarantees you will save more in travel than what you spend on fees with us or we will refund the difference in travel credits.

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