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Founded in 1993 by Pamela Hurley-Moser, Hurley Travel Experts is a travel management company specializing in business travel, corporate incentive and group travel, and vacation travel. Our expert travel advisors are experienced in the most complex travel technology, vacation travel planning, corporate event management and daily business travel management services.

Hurley Travel Experts develops strong relationships with clients based on travel insight, travel planning guidance and consumer travel advocacy. Our dedicated travel advisors provide travelers with both exceptional customer care and in-depth travel expertise for business travel, corporate incentive and group travel and vacation travel.

We specialize in both domestic travel and international travel. We also specialize in suborbital space flights. Hurley Travel Experts is one of only approximately 125 agencies chosen by Virgin Galactic in the world to sell the Virgin Galactic suborbital space flight product.

The most important non-renewable asset you have is your time. At Hurley Travel Experts, every client is treated as if they were the only client. Our dedicated Travel Advisors have, on average, 26 years of travel expertise to provide you with unique and exceptional travel service anywhere in the world. If we can send you to space, we can send you anywhere!

Executive Summary

The expert in travel for a growing global workforce, Hurley Travel Experts is one of nation’s fastest growing, woman-owned, Travel Management Companies and was named one of the Best Places to Work in Maine, 2011 by the Best Companies Group.

Hurley Travel Experts utilizes cutting edge technology to compliment what we do best: develop strong relationships with our clients and advocate for their travel needs through insight, personal knowledge, exceptional customer care and travel expertise for the best value and travel experience available.

The company’s primary focus is to partner with clients who expect superb customer service combined with innovative travel management expertise, technology and solutions. Hurley Travel Experts helps to successfully manage corporate travel spend while increasing traveler satisfaction through a variety of unique and consultative approaches to the travel management process.

Our comprehensive industry insight allows us to guide clients through a rapidly changing and complex business landscape, addressing travelers' needs on a personal level, managers' needs on a program level and procurement and finance needs on a corporate level.

Hurley Travel Experts is affiliated with BCD Travel, the 3rd largest global travel management company in the world, operating throughout 90 countries on over six continents. In addition, we are a Virtuoso affiliate, a by-invitation-only executive travel network offering VIP amenities and services to your executive travelers.

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Contact Us

Hurley Travel Experts
415 Cumberland Avenue
Portland, Maine 04101
Phone: 207.874.7400
Toll Free: 800.874.1743

Fax: 207.874.9007

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Hurley Travel Experts
6646 Willow Park Drive, Suite 5
Naples, FL 34109
Phone: 239.594.7400
Toll Free: 800.874.1743

Fax: 239.594.7408

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